The electronics of a point-of-care diagnostic system is a critical component for testing. This device consists of an electronic interface that performs electrochemical transduction to measure parameters associated with biological response in a quantifiable and processable signal. Thus, associated with reactive strips, an electronic system with accuracy and precision capable of performing the measurement and communicating with a cloud database (bSens.CLOUD). We named this measurement system bSens.HEALTH.

bSens.HEALTH has a high level of sensitivity, ensuring accurate test results in a reduced amount of time. The device was designed to ease to use and features a user-friendly interface with intuitive controls including a step-by-step guide from the measurement process to the presentation of the result. Additionally, the device is designed to be lightweight and portable, increasing its usability in a variety of settings and providing years of reliable performance. This electronic system was designed and built in a versatile way. In the future, the same system could be used in conjunction with other reactive strips.