Single Domain Antibodies

Single domain antibodies (sdAbs) are a relatively new technology that is gaining prominence in the biotechnology sector. sdAbs are a much smaller type of antibody than traditional antibodies and are composed of a single antibody protein domain. This makes them more stable, easier to produce in large quantities and much more cost-effective than traditional antibodies. Furthermore, sdAbs can be adapted to recognize and bind to specific molecules more efficiently compared to traditional antibodies.

The use of sdAbs in point-of-care testing biosensors is a particularly exciting development. These biosensors are used to detect diseases and other health conditions quickly and accurately, and sdAbs can be used to improve the sensitivity and specificity of these tests. For example, sdAbs can be used to detect disease biomarkers, such as proteins or antibodies, at very low concentrations. Furthermore, sdAbs can be used to detect specific molecules in complex samples such as blood or saliva. This could potentially revolutionize the way diseases are diagnosed and treated, so everyone can benefit from this exciting new technology.